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Eternal Beauty, LP is a post-operative recovery center in the Atlanta area in which patients can begin to recover from cosmetic surgical procedures. Our company identified a scarcity and/or lack of intermediate health care facilities for patients who travel for surgeries and do not have a support system of loved ones; whereas Eternal Beauty will be by their side. We are here to fill that gap and provide optimal comfort with a 24/7 luxury facility that provides trained and certified medical professionals, transportation, healthy meals prepared by a trained dietician, tailored rooms, activity areas with workout equipment, meditation areas, mental health counselors, trained and certified lymphatic masseuse, along with the state of the art body cavitation equipment.


Eternal Beauty understands the needs of individuals who may be experiencing stressful and emotional commitments of undergoing physical surgery, along with the subsequent psychological and physical effects of a life changing decision. We provide a loving environment while demonstrating empathy and genuine care for those who may be alone and are in need of that special care in the absence of loved ones. Eternal Beauty will be that critical element in end-to-end care. Our company will incorporate strategic partnerships with health care organizations and community leaders to create sustainable health plans and patient health management reach back.

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Taking care of people by providing optimum intermediate health facilities is at the core of our business. The most important aspect to our company is having a company we can be proud of, fostering a culture that is inclusive, that reflects societal needs, and establishing core leadership values as we grow and strengthen as team is paramount. [12:49 AM]